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Thursday, 26 August 2010

It’s definitely been a while since I wrote my last blog. A lot has happened since then! As you probably know already, I still have my day (or evening) job, but I am now also a newbie Burlesque star!

I’ve completely loved putting my first two routines together, and performing them, and I’ll be doing so again in just over a week on September the 3rd at the ‘Teeze’ launch party in Burton on Trent. I’m currently polishing and refining them to make them better than ever!

Coming soon: Edwardian hostess Lady Tiffany Beaufort-Smithe is growing weary of the straight-laced constraints of her time. She has finished her correspondence, completed her piano lesson, taken afternoon tea and walked in the beautiful surroundings of her husbands country estate. Now she’s bored. What could Lady Tiffany possibly find to do alone in the hot and humid atmosphere of the greenhouse, now that the gardener has gone home? Surrounded by beautiful pink blooms, isn’t she pretty in pink?
Music: Pretty in Pink, Danny Dean and The Homewreckers

I’ve also stared buying all the bits to get the routine together. A gorgeous Edwardian style parasol, lots of flowers, feathers, ribbon and even flower corsages that will fulfil a rather important duty! Today I found some amazing ‘Crystal’ flowers, that will look amazing as part of my ‘greenhouse’ set. They were great value too, so I came away with quite a few! I think they’ll look fab in photo shoots and on stage.

I’ve also been on the look out for some stools, or plant stands to use in my¬†Tiffany Diamonds routine. They will serve as ‘pedestals’ to place my expensive purchases on! I was searching everywhere for something suitable, white, pretty, flat topped and stable! Then we remembered our old breakfast bar stools that we still had in the loft. They’re very dark at the moment but that’s nothing a lick of new paint and a bit of Tiffany Beau sparkle won’t cure! I best get down to B&Q!

Sparkling Diamonds,

Tiff x

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