My signature routine ‘Tiffany Diamonds’ is an homage to all things expensive and sparkly. I am a beautiful gift to be unwrapped. After all…diamonds are a girls best friend! Music: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, Marilyn Monroe.

My Balloon ‘Lolli’ Pop is a sweet treat with a cute, yet naughty edge. Can you guess what’s hidden under all of those balloons? Performed to Mika’s ‘Lollipop’ it’s sure to have you craving more sugar! Can be performed with Valentine’s Day and Christmas elements.


Edwardian hostess Lady Tiffany Beaufort-Smithe is growing weary of the straight-laced constraints of her time. She has finished her correspondence, completed her piano lesson, taken afternoon tea and walked in the beautiful surroundings of her husbands country estate. Now she’s bored. What could Lady Tiffany possibly find to do alone in the hot and humid atmosphere of the greenhouse, now that the gardener has gone home? Surrounded by beautiful pink blooms, isn’t she pretty in pink?
Music: Pretty in Pink, Danny Dean and The Homewreckers.

‘(We’re in the) Moneybox.’ 1930’s chorus girl Tiffany has been chasing the American dream. She has starred in numerous glisty films, show stopping numbers and glossy magazines. She really is ‘In The Money.’  But is she really happy? Does she really need her newfound wealth? Watch as Tiffany surprises you by proving that she is no material girl, and quite literally sheds her fortune! Music: We’re in the Money, Ginger Rogers and Moneybox, Eliza Doolittle.


‘Beau-Beau’ the Clown  as had some earth shattering news. Her sweetheart has abandoned her, leaving her for another. But Beau-Beau has a show to do; she must paint her face, put on her costume, and go and make people laugh, just like she does every night. But tonight the smile will only be painted on, because tonight Beau-Beau’s heart is breaking. A reverse strip to ‘Vesti La Giubba,’ sung by Alfie Boe.


‘The Swan’ is a classic fan dance to a hauntingly beautiful piece of music. Originally conceived in collaboration with actress and Cellist Brigit Forsyth, ‘The Swan’ has a magical simplicity when performed to a live cello. But can also be performed to Jacqueline Du Pre’s touching recording of the piece.

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